Adobe Lightroom DJI Drone Presets

Update of 2022: new version 4.0 - Now Compatible with NEW Lightroom Mobile

You do aerial drone photography because you want to have a view and composition that would be impossible otherwise. The current drone technology allows us to do just that, in sophisticated and affordable manner. When you look at your pictures, though, you notice a common theme. The details look dull. The colors washed out. Even more frustrating is when you’ve tried editing your photos and quickly found that you could not get your pictures to “pop” the way you see in your mind’s eye. Photography can be so incredibly fulfilling, but also frustrating and time-consuming when you cannot achieve results you want.

Fortunately for you, we have a way to get your photos to professional quality, with vibrant colors and deep contrasts, without needing to become an expert editor or spending thousands of dollars on different equipment. It’s our easy, elegant Adobe Lightroom drone presets.